COVID-19 and School Related Updates

COVID-19 & School Related Updates

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Lions Last Lap

Lake Creek High School is working hard to create new traditions for our high school and our first Senior Class. Royals Coach Chelsea Peverill thought a new tradition, Lions Last Lap, would be a neat way to end the season for our students who are involved in Friday Night Lights. “I remember how meaningful it was to go on the field after my last home game knowing that was it. I love the idea of our groups doing this together and being united as one senior class. I love Mrs. Miller’s idea to spread it to all activities. Although we missed volleyball, for basketball, baseball, swim, etc, after their last home event as a senior, they will walk united across their field or court. I think it is going to be an awesome new tradition! LOVED watching the class of 2020 walk on Friday! 
The name Lions Last Lap was just catchy sounding to me lol!" 

Principal Phil Eaton says, "Our Seniors will be forever remembered for their efforts to "start" #lakecreeklions HS." #bestyearever #bebolder